Yocan Flick 2 in 1 Kit Oil Pen

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Yocan Technology makers of top-shelf portable vaporizers like the Yocan Evolve and the Yocan Explore brings us its latest top-tier product, the Yocan Flick.

The Yocan Flick is designed aesthetically to resemble the flip-top classic lighters, its slim, sleek and it comes in four straightforward color options to choose from. The Yocan Flick portable wax concentrate and e-juice vaporizer are for the modern day dabbers who are the perfect combination of sophistication and simplicity.

This powerful 2-in-1 portable e-juice and wax concentrate vaporizer comes with two top of the line atomizers which allows you to enjoy both your select e-juice materials and your choice waxy oil concentrates. Both the atomizers included in the box can easily be attached to the mod with the secure magnetic connector making the Yocan Flick one of the easiest devices to assemble and operate without trading off reliability and dependability.

The Yocan Flick 2-in-1 wax concentrate and e-juice vaporizer is the perfect choice for those who prefer a simple and easy to use device without sacrificing power and performance.


The Yocan Flick design features a flip-top cover reminiscent of the classic and iconic “Zippo” lighters. This simple and widely recognizable style makes the Yocan Flick one of the most stealthiest portable waxy concentrate and e-juice vaporizer on the market today, the Flick can easily be disguised as your everyday lighter and fits perfectly in your hands and in your pocket.

Standing at only 81mm tall, 36mm wide and 16mm thick, the Yocan Flick is highly concealable. The color options are also subtle, perfect for the dabbers who would like to vape on a low profile and discreet manner.

The Yocan Flick combines the classic and modern designs, with its timeless flip-top lid and its sophisticated modern day technology. The perfect blend of the old and the new, you can never go wrong with this simple and functional portable wax concentrate and e-juice vaporizer.


Using the Yocan Flick is a no brainer. Simply fill the leak proof e-juice atomizer with your favorite e-juice and connect the atomizer in the box mod or load your choice waxy oil concentrates and insert the atomizer to the box mod. This simple method eliminates the unnecessary lengthy preparation making the Yocan Flick the perfect portable vaporizer for the dabbers who prefer to vape on the go. This no nonsense and straightforward operation makes the Flick one of the most favored unit in its class.

This simple operation makes the Yocan Flick a vaporizer that requires minimum maintenance, something that most newcomers and novices are looking for. Vape newcomers will no longer have to sacrifice functionality for affordability.


The Yocan Flick features a helpful peep window which allows you to monitor your oil, juice or concentrate lever so you’d know when to refill your atomizer. It also is equipped with an internal battery that can conveniently be charged via USB, so you can plug the Flick virtually anywhere.


  • 1 x Yocan Flick Vaporizer
  • 1 x Concentrated Atomizer With Connector
  • 1 x Juice Atomizer With Connector 
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable



Model name Yocan Flick
Highlight Thick Oil/wax atomizer
Coil type quartz coil 
Battery 650mah
Thread standard ego thread
Liquid atomizer  1.8ohm
Wax atomzier  1.0ohm
Market direction Specially for Thick Oil
Other service OEM, ODM
Colors  Black/Siliver/Red/Blue
Package content

1* Thick oil atomzier (with connector)

1* Wax atomzier (with connector)

1* USB Microsoft USB cable

1* Flick BOX  MOD

1* Pick tool 


Features : 

  • Clean and tasty vapor hits! long lasting Battery, and Reaches Optimal Temperature for all uses in seconds.
  • No tar and other cancer causing substances. No second-hand smoke and environmental protection. Discreet in public, and  perfect size will fit in all pockets (Extremely Portable)
  • No odor smell to stink up your clothes, house, or car. Works with wax, concentrates, oil, extracts, BHO(ONLY FOR LEGAL USE)
  • No stain on teeth or causes bad breath. Releases minimum to no smell perfect for both indoors and outdoors. 600 Puffs per charge! The Best Handheld Electronic Pipe / Dab Vape In The Market.

Heating :

  • 10/10 - The oven heats up to the maximum temperature (220°C/420°F) in just 60 seconds, perfect for a quick session indoors or outdoors. 

Discreetness :

  • 8/10 - Looks like any other high-end e-cig vape, not easily detected in public, and releases minimum to no odor.

Portability :

  • 8/10 -  Will fit in most bigger pockets, and easy for on the go.

Convection - The dry herb in the convection vaporizer will not make contact with the heating element, but instead hot air in the oven heats and warms up the dry herb, producing clean vapor. No combustion is occurring


What is the difference between Conduction and Convection? 

Conduction - The Conduction Vaporizer will heat up your herbs directly making contact. The vapor is produced really fast as the dry herb is in contact with the heating element. 

Convection - The dry herb in the convection vaporizer will not make contact with the heating element, but instead hot air in the oven heats and warms up the dry herb, producing clean vapor. No combustion is occurring


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