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Vape Tiva Kit Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vape Tiva Kit Dry Herb Vaporizer

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VapeTiva Kit Dry Herb Vaporizers Pen Temp Control Ceramic Chamber Heating Smoking Herbal Starter Portable Smoke Device

How vaporizing works of Tiva dry herb vaporizer : it is a vaporizer, meaning you do not inhale smoke, its the vapor you inhale. as the herb gets dryer, or the temp is higher, you could see a little more "smoke". Combustion ( meaning burning) creates smoke, and thereby you also inhale more toxic by-products. Vaporizing emits a vapor that is 95% smoke and carcinogen free.

Parameters for TIVA vaporizer:
Products Name: TIVA Super mini digital Dry Herb Vaporizer
Resistant/Max Watts: 0.7Ω,23W
Airflow Tech: Smooth isolated airflow
Heating Chamber: 0.5gram ceramic quick heating chamber
Temprature: 300 °F-435 °F/149-224℃adjustable,Memory Function
Battery/Chanrge Time: 17450 -3.7V 1000mAh/1-1.5hour
Vaping Way: Heat Non Burn Tiva Dry Herb Vaporizer
Certificate: CE/ROHS/FCC,Patented
Color: Black/white/red/greenue
Material: food grade PC,Ceramic,Glass

Features for TIVA vaporizer:
1.World smallest non combustion herb vaporizer start kit.
2.300℉-435℉/149-224℃ accurate temperature control,and memory function.
3.Ceramic heating chamber offers quick heating time and Isolated airflow tech offers smooth airflow.
4.Changeable health mouthpice,glass and general mouthpiece for selection.
5.Full baked,pure tasted and big vapor Tiva Dry Herb Vaporizer.
6.Anlerr original design and original produce patented non combustion herb vaporizers.

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