Submarine Dry herb Vaporizer

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Main Features:

  • HANDHELD PORTABLE HEATING VAPORIZER STARTER KIT. no combustion 100% oven heat producing pure and clean vapor. Healthier alternative way to smoke Cannabis/ Dryherb eliminating toxic smoke. No tar and other cancer causing substances
  • Heats up to 480 °F / 220°C In seconds with a Long Lasting battery capacity, LCD Temperature control providing ultimate heating selection. No second-hand smoke and environmental protection.
  • Perfect for on-the-go, Fits in all pockets, Extremely discreet in public and releases minimum to no odor. Provides awesome and natural flavors. Extremely discreet in public and super portable. 
  • No stain on teeth or causes bad breath. Amazing tank size that will fully fit 1 gram of material. Produces pure and tasty white vapor which will definitely get you off your feet!
  • No cigarette smell to stink up your clothes, house, or car. No more lighters and papers! this amazing vaporizer will save you a lot of ground material! Saves up to 40-60% ground material! Spend less and save more! For Tobacco, Herbal, Cannabis, marijuana Use (LEGAL USE ONLY)

    (1) dimension:15*50*11mm
    (2) resistance:0.7ohm
    (3) input voltage:3.2-4.2v
    (4) charing voltage:≤850mah



(1) power on/off: 5 clicks in 2s,with green light flash 3 times at LED 1

(2) Heating:hold on power button for 2s to start heating ,LED 1 start to  flash and it can be used once the flash is over (the temperature get the setting value),it will be automatically power off if no action within 5 mins

(3) temperature settings:3 click on power button in 2S
     LED 1:red-200℃
     LED 2:Purple-220℃
     LED 3:green-240℃


Battery indication

 click on power button under standby mode
 <3.2V,LED 1 flash 10 time
  3.2-3.5V LED 1 Red flash
  3.5-.9v LED green flash
  3.9-4.2V,LED 1 Purple flash


LED indication 

  (1) if voltage < 3.0V,LED 1 will flash 10 times

  (2) LED 2 will be red while charging status,then turn to green after fully charged and off in 10s
(3)if no load,LED 1 will flash red 5 times




    Packaging include:
      1*user manual
      1*usb charge
      1*warranty card
      1*accessories bag(filter,brush,tool)
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