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Original XMAX STARRY 4.0 Dry Herb Vaporiser

Original XMAX STARRY 4.0 Dry Herb Vaporiser

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Original XMAX STARRY 4.0 Dry Herb Vaporiser Ceramic Heating Chamber Big OLED Screen 2550mAh Replaceable 18650 Vaporizer Vape

Product Introduction:
Introducing the Xmax Starry 4.0 Dry Herb Vaporiser, an upgrade on the popular Starry 3.0 and the latest entry in the extremely successful Xmax Vaporizer line! With all the convenience of a flip-style design, this new version offers several impressive improvements to take your vaping experience to the next level.

Materials: metal, jewel grade zirconium, etc.
Type of heating: conduction
Airflow adjustable via a sliding button
Battery: 18650 removable 2550 mAh
USB-C charging
OLED display
Magnetic cooling unit
Haptic feedback (vibration system)
Three session timers

Package Contents:
1 x Starry V4 vaporizer
2 x silicone mouthpieces
1 x dosing capsule
2 x replacement bowl screens
2 x replacement O-rings
1 x USB-C cable
1 x packing tool
1 x cleaning tool
1 x brush
4 x alcohol cotton pads
3 x cotton swabs

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