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NIU PRO Dry Herb Vaporizer

NIU PRO Dry Herb Vaporizer

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NIU PRO Production Introduction:
The NIU PRO improvements over the previous model with a new user interface, button control,oled display, battery capacity,
Featuring the smart chip auto recognize technology, the NIU PRO supply a full range heating from 160℃-226℃/320℉-439℉ for dry herb.
The adjust temperature exact temperature control to produce the smoothest clouds from herbs and concentrates.
The improved user-friendly interface digital display features the advanced control temperature settings, Celsius or Fahrenheit select.

Product Description:
Battery capacity :1400mAh
Screen size :0.66inch OLED display
The advantage:
1.Tiny body with multi functions for herb,concentrate,Oil.
2.0.66inch digital display control temperature setting,Celsius or Fahrenheit select.
3.Over charger,Over heat protect.
4.The core smart recognize chamber technology,supply best taste for herb,concentrate,oil.
5.removeable chamber supply more choice for outdoor use.

How to use:
To lock/unlock the device, you need to click the power button 3 times in 2 seconds. It will vibrate and display the logo on screen.
To load your chamber, follow these steps:
1.Take off the magnetic chamber cover
2.Remove the mouthpiece base from the heating chamber.
3.Take out the chamber,use the packing tool to fill your products.
4. Put the chamber back,Screw the mouthpiece base tightly back onto the chamber.

Package Included:
1xNIU PRO device
1xDry herb chamber
1xUSB cable
1xPacking tool
1xClean brush
1xUser manual

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