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BOGE Dry herb Vaporizer

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Main Features:

  • No combustion 100% oven heat producing pure and clean vapor. Healthier alternative way to smoke Cannabis/ Dryherb eliminating toxic smoke. No tar and other cancer causing substances
  • Heats up to 480 °F / 220°C In seconds with a  Long Lasting battery capacity, Temperature control providing ultimate heating selection. No second-hand smoke and environmental protection.
  • Perfect for on-the-go, Fits in all pockets, Extremely discreet in public and releases minimum to no odor. Provides awesome and natural flavors. Extremely discreet in public and super portable. The Best and Lowest Price In The Market
  • No stain on teeth or causes bad breath. Amazing tank size that will fully fit 1 gram of material. Produces pure and tasty white vapor/vapour which will definitely get you off your feet! This compares if not better than the Snoop Dogg G Pen Pro 2.0 or the Pinnacle pro.
  • No cigarette smell to stink up your clothes, house, or car. No more lighters and papers! this amazing vaporizer will save you a lot of ground material! Saves up to 40-60% ground material! Spend less and save more! For Tobacco, Herbal, Cannabis, marijuana Use (LEGAL USE ONLY)


Load the cigarette, insert the cigarette into the heating chamber, insert it in the end.


1. Power on
Press the power button five times in succession within three seconds, after powering on, it will remember the temperature profile before using
Temperature range can be adjusted: 230-280 ℃, each press will increase or decrease by 1 degree Celsius, plus or minus buttons to adjust the temperature cycle, such as: 230 ℃ then down to 280 ℃, 280 ℃ and then up Becomes 250 ° C. When the up / down gear operation is performed, the set temperature value is displayed first, the actual value of heating or cooling is displayed after the button is released for 3 seconds, and the temperature is fixed after reaching the set value.
The blue LED flashes (twice a second), indicating that the ceramic heater is heating up. When the light stops blinking, it indicates that the inside has been heated to the set temperature.


2 .Shut down
Products in the work of three seconds continuous press function keys five times, the system will shut down does not work.
After 3 minutes, it will shut down automatically. If there is any adjustment of temperature in 3 minutes, it will start from 3 minutes after the button is released.

3.OLED display content: Battery temperature setting value (display when adding and subtracting gear), real-time heating temperature (after releasing the button for 3 seconds) Fault message (Low battery, heater Fault detection tips: CHEEK FPC said heating body failure, CHEEK NTC said temperature sensor failure.)
During your use, the red light flashes 10 times and shows the LOW voltage, which indicates a low battery alarm, then automatically shuts down to protect the battery.
The heating process is faulty, the red light flashes 5 times and displays the fault prompt, and then automatically shut down.


After fully charged battery continuous working time about 40 minutes.
Adjustable baking temperature range: 230-280 ℃
Battery Type: 16450 -3.7V 840mAh lithium battery
Charger specifications: constant voltage 5V / 1000mA
The static power consumption of the product is less than 50UA
Maximum operating current: 5A max
Ceramic heater resistance 0.4Ω, the maximum output power: 45W
Circuit system with overcharge protection, ceramic heater short circuit protection, better protection of lithium batteries and systems.

Please Allow 7-20 days for delivery due to high demand

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