ALD AMAZE Shark Dry herb Vaporizer

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 Main Features:

  • No combustion 100% oven heat producing pure and clean vapor. Healthier alternative way to smoke Cannabis/ Dry herb eliminating toxic smoke. No tar and other cancer causing substances
  • Heats up In seconds with a Long Lasting battery capacity. No second-hand smoke and environmental protection.
  • Perfect for on-the-go, Fits in all pockets, Extremely discreet in public and releases minimum to no odor. Provides awesome and natural flavors. Extremely discreet in public and super portable. The Best and Lowest Price In The Market
  • No stain on teeth or causes bad breath. Amazing tank size that will fully fit 1 gram of material. Produces pure and tasty white vapor which will definitely get you off your feet! 
  • No cigarette smell to stink up your clothes, house, or car. No more lighters and papers! this amazing vaporizer will save you a lot of ground material! Saves up to 40-60% ground material! Spend less and save more!



Net weight:about 160g

Charger:Micro USB

Heating temperature:210℃-270℃/410℉-518℉

Operating voltage range:3.4V-4.2V

Battery capacity:1800mAh

Charging time:about 2h

Power on/off:Press the button 5 times quickly

Start heating:Long press 2S after power on to start heating,When it starts heating, there is a vibration alert,There is also a vibration alert when it is reached setting temperature 

Temperature gear adjustment:Press button 3 times in power on satus

Green light working temperature:210℃/410℉

Blue light working temperature:230℃/446℉

Purple light working temperature:250℃/482℉

Red light working temperature:270℃/518℉



1.Shark-like curvaceous appearance-unique & fashion-looking.


2.Heating quickly-50W maximum power output,only take 18s to reach the chose temp.


3.Two functions in one device-both for dry herb and wax.Can match with glass filter (This one withour glass filter)


4.Easy to clean- just clean the take-out wax/dry herb cup after use.


5.Better thermostatic-has an automatic power compensation mechanism.


6.Bottom air intake,pure taste.


7  . When the temperature reaches the set temperature, it will have a vibration alert.    



  • 1*dry herb device
  • 1*Dry herb cup
  • 1*Wax cup
  • 3*Silicone cap
  • 1*USB charger
  • 1*Dabber
  • 1*Tweezers
  • 1*Cleaning brush
  • 1*User manual
  • 1*Free gift

Note:This one without glass filter

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①Micro USB charge port

②Plastic cap,when you need to charge the device,you need open the plastic cap and plug in the USB charging cable

③Ceramic mouthpiece,turn clockwise to open,turn counterclockwise to close.

④Power button.(1.Press 5 times quickly to turn on/off. 2.Press button three times to adjust temperature 3.Hold the button 2s to start heating,When the temperature reaches the set temperature, it will have a vibration alert)





①Screw the mouthpiece clockwise

②Put the wax/dry herb to the designated cup

③Then place the cup into the heating chamber

④Insert the cap(make sure mouthpiece's right angle is on the same side whit mark underneath before pushing it into the device),install the ceramic mouthpiece(or glass filter)counterclockwise



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