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Introducing the Airis Nico. 


Once again the engineers at Airistech have created a revolutionary new vape. This ultra-portable pod vaporizer comes standard with a refillable pod and an adapter that makes it Pod Compatible. Inside of the included refillable pod you will find our patented Qcell quartz coil technology. This cutting edge tech has three main advantages, it reduces waste, improves flavor, and prevents clogging.




Patented Qcell Technology


The included cartridge comes standard with our new innovative Qcell technology.  Our engineers have come up with the perfect solution to improve your vaping experience. There are three major advantages to the Qcell over all other traditional heating elements. The first and most important is waste reduction.  Because of our design little to no liquid is wasted - good to the last drop! The second advantage is improved airflow.  

Ever had a cartridge clog up? With our new Qcell technology you will never experience a clogged cartridge again! The third benefit is all about taste.  Because of our patented design and new technology the Qcell provides the most pure flavor of any cartridge on the market today. 




Refillable Pod Included

Try out our new Qcell technology when you fill the included pod 

with your favorite liquid. The pod is quick and easy to reload 

with a syringe and can be refilled up to five times!




Pod Compatible


Do you have a flavor that you love that is only available in the standard 14 x 5.7mm pod? 

We have included an adapter with each and every Nico so that you can vape the 

pod that you want when you want! 




Variable Voltage Vaporizer


The voltage selected is indicated by the color of the led 

light around the power button  Red=4.2V  | Blue=3.7V | Green=2.9V 




Long Lasting 450mAh Battery


We installed a powerful 450mAh battery in the airis Nico so you have 

the power to vape all day without worrying about  running low on battery.







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