Intro To Batteries


Most new users have trouble or do not know how to turn on/off the unit. The battery should contain a button where you click it fast 5 times to turn it on/off. While the battery is on, hold the power button to use or heat up the atomizer to produce vapor.


All vaporizer unit requires a battery to operate. The batteries comes in different sizes containing different features and power capacity measured in mAh. Generally the battery comes in 350 mAh - 5000 mAh, the higher the mAh the longer it will last between charges.  Not all batteries are compatible with all atomizer as it requires the same treading. The most common thread is 510 as shown below. There are parts that will convert the threading to whichever one you desire. Some battery are able to adjust the voltages to produce many selections of heating temperatures.


The batteries comes in a fixed voltage providing the same amount of vapor as this is the basic battery. These type of battery can not be adjusted to different temperatures. 


These batteries are able to adjust the watts and voltages. These type of battery tend to have a higher battery capacity as it provides different levels of heating. More advanced batteries are known as "mods" as it can produce up to 100 w which is really powerful (make sure the atomizer is able to take on high voltages as it may damages or burn out the coils). Most Mod have LCD screen displaying the temp and other information.