Titan-II (Titan 2) Dry Herbal Vaporizer Review (Cloud9city.com)

Titan-II (Titan 2) Dry Herbal Vaporizer Review (Cloud9city.com)

Titan II (Titan 2) Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

After a month of daily usage we are reviewing and un-boxing The Hebe Titan II Vaporizer. 
Hebe Titan 2 (Titan II) is one of the best portable vaporizer that features a LCD screen displaying the temperature control setting. It delivers amazing hits and also releases minimum odor. No combustion, 100% heating and vapor. The function and designs are identical to the G Pen Pro 2.0, the only difference it's the price.

"The Titan 2 vaporizer is an improved version from the popular Titan 1. With a new squared body and digital temperature control setting, this device will make a great addition to any vape collection. A new durable rubber skin has been added to the outer body for better grip and feel. Similar to the Titan 1, the Titan 2 can also be charged via a micro USB port on the bottom of the device. With temperature control ranging from 200°F to 428°F you are sure to be able to get the exact experience that you're looking for in a dry herb vaporizer."   

We are going over the key features of this product such as the portability, discreetness, Battery life, Maintenance, and other important specification. After a month of usage I would love to say that the Titan 2 Vaporizer is amazing for it's price, it functions like any other mid - high end vaporizers that would go for $100 - $400. The oven on the titan 2 heats up quick! it only takes about 60 seconds from room temperature to 428°F/220°C. Not only that, this thing will save you a lot of ground material comparing with traditional combustion smoking, and it also provides healthier and cleaner vapor. If you are someone who is looking for a better and safer alternative to smoking dry herb, this is a perfect starter vaporizer for it's price! I would highly recommend as I am still using till this day. 

Portability (7.5/10)
The portability of this vaporizer is perfect, its not too small or too big, but perfect to fit in your pockets. There is no extra parts or accessories that you will need to carry to operate, making this vaporizer really convenient and great for on the go. I will give the portability of the Titan 2 (7.5/10)   

Price (10/10)
For the price no other vaporizer can beat the Titan 2. The Titan 2 is compared with the G Pen Pro, Pinnacle pro, and some mid-high end vaporizers that will go for $100+. The Titan 2 can be retailed between $79.99 - $119.99, But you can get it now today just for 59.95 http://cloud9city.com/collections/recommended-staff-picks/products/hebe-titan-ii-kit

Cleaning and Maintenance (8/10)
If you're someone who is not looking into cleaning vaporizers, this is perfect for you. The oven is made with stainless steel so it doesn't have to be maintain and clean. All you do is load, heat up, vape, and just dump the finished ground material, no maintenance needed. Although with more usage the filter mesh may get dirty and clogged, but no worries the kit comes with 3 filter meshes. The only maintenance on this vaporizer is changing the filter once in a while for cleaner smoke.  

Discreetness (7/10)
The discreetness of this vaporizers looks as any other e-cig, it can be used in public without people knowing what it is. Although it may be spotted as a tobacco vaporizer. The most important thing about using this vaporizer in public is "can they smell it?" the answer is no! as long as your not directly using the vaporizer in front of someone the vapor shouldn't release any smell. 

Function (9/10)
The function on the titan 2 is simple. There is only 3 buttons and a LCD screen on the unit. The ground material is loaded into the oven, hold the main button for 3 seconds and it will start heating. Once it reaches your desire temperature you can start vaping. 

Heating Power & Battery Life (7/10)
The heating power is great! it runs on a 2200 mAh Battery giving it ultimate heating temperatures to the maximum of 428 °F. The best thing about it, is it only takes 60 seconds to heat up to the maximum temperature! The battery life of the Titan 2 is about 2 hours of usage before you have to plug it in. It takes about an hour to fully charge the unit. The Vaporizer can also be used while its charging.

After using the Titan 2 vaporizer for a month, and reviewed each category the results conclude that the Titan 2 Dry herbal vaporizer is the best you can get for it's price! The Titan 2 can can be compared with some Mid-High End Vaporizers such as the G Pen Pro, Pinnacle pro, and other brands. If you are new into vaporizers and you want an affordable vaporizer for it's function this Titan 2 is perfect for you! 


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