Micro G Pen Vaporizer (Wax / Concentrate / Oil) Review

Micro G Pen Vaporizer (Wax / Concentrate / Oil) Review

microG Dabbing Pen Vaporizer Review


One of the best mini portable wax/concentrate vaporizer in the market, this Micro G Kit comes with two units perfect for wax. It delivers smooth hits, and perfect dabbing pen in the market known for it's size and functionality.

The microG is perfect for all concentrates, extracts, and herbal wax. If you're looking for a convenient portable dabbing pen for on the go this kit is for you. The best thing is that the microG releases no odor and super small / portable. The coils will heat up your product instantly and its perfect for indoor use if you're lazy to step outside.

Portability (10/10)
The portability of this vaporizer is perfect! it comes with 2 units that is smaller than the size of your palm. The Micro G will fit in any of your pockets even the small ones.

Cleaning and Maintenance (8/10)
The maintenance is minimum, although the chamber will have to be cleaned once in awhile with a dabber provided in the kit as the residue collect.


Discreetness (7/10)
The discreetness of this vaporizers is amazing! the microG is a small device that won't be detected in public which makes it 100% discreet. The important part of discreetness the smell, and the microG releases minimum to no smell at all! perfect for indoor use without detection.

Function (9/10)
The function on the MicroG is straight forward, there is only one button on the unit which powers on and heats up the unit. (5 clicks to power on/off, Hold for heating)

Heating Power & Battery Life (7/10)
The heating power is great! the unit heats up bright red in just 2-3 seconds! which provide perfect temperatures for wax, extract, and concentrate. The battery life last about 100-150 puffs and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge.

After using and reviewing the MicroG pen it comes to conclude that this is the best portable dabbing pen for all your extracts. The design is similar to the cloud pen but it works the same and uses the same battery and coils, its pretty much identical in functions. If you do not want to buy a dabbing rig or a big torch to smoke your extract, or concentrates this microg is the one for you!

Purchase it now http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01AXGAPWI?keywords=micro%20g%20pen&qid=1454707234&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1


Kit includes :
2 Rechargeable  Batteries
2 Coils
2 Mouthpieces
1 Keychain w/Tool
5 Mouthpiece Sleeves
1 Wall Adapter
2 Containers
1 USB Charger

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