COVID-19 Store Update

We have implemented measures to keep our fulfillment centers sanitized. All employees are required to use disposable gloves and face mask when processing and fulfilling orders. We have also added hand sanitizers in every entrance and exits. As part of our daily routine, we wipe down all surfaces (Keyboards, mouse, printers, machines, switches, door handles, floors, etc) with disinfectant. We are practicing social distancing there may be a little delay due to short staff.  All shipping and orders are currently processing normally. 

What we've done

  • Required all staff to use PPE (gloves and face mask) when handling and processing orders.
  • Added hand sanitizer stations at every entrance and exit.
  • As part of our daily routine, all surfaces are wiped with disinfectant (Keyboards, mouse, printers, machines, switches, door handles, 


Best wishes,

C9C Team


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