Intro To Vaping: Basic Information and Instructions

Intro To Vaping: Basic Information and Instructions

Anyone who is new to vaping are bound to have questions. We hope this introduction into vaping will help you out! If you have more questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via email at

How does electronic vaporizer work?

There are many different kind of vaporizers for its intended use. Overall they all work and function the same. There are vaporizers for e-juice, dry herb, wax, and much more. The main components are:

  • Battery (which powers the unit)
  • Atomizer (which holds and uses the product)

Turning On The Battery:

Most new users have trouble or do not know how to turn on/off the unit. The battery should contain a button where you click it fast 5 times to turn it on/off. While the battery is on, hold the power button to use or heat up the atomizer to produce vapor.


All vaporizer unit requires a battery to operate. The batteries comes in different sizes containing different features and power capacity measured in mAh. Generally the battery comes in 350 mAh - 5000 mAh, the higher the mAh the longer it will last between charges.  Not all batteries are compatible with all atomizer as it requires the same treading. The most common thread is 510 as shown below. There are parts that will convert the threading to whichever one you desire. Some battery are able to adjust the voltages to produce many selections of heating temperatures.

Standard Batteries

The batteries comes in a fixed voltage providing the same amount of vapor as this is the basic battery. These type of battery can not be adjusted to different temperatures. 

 Variable wattage batteries

These batteries are able to adjust the watts and voltages. These type of battery tend to have a higher battery capacity as it provides different levels of heating. More advanced batteries are known as "mods" as it can produce up to 100 w which is really powerful (make sure the atomizer is able to take on high voltages as it may damages or burn out the coils). Most Mod have LCD screen displaying the temp and other information.




The atomizers are the most important part as it holds and uses the product. There are many different kinds of attachments intended for certain uses. The 3 attachemnts are: atomizer, clearomizer, and cartomizer. Some attachment are disposable but we are going to talk about the ones where you can place the coils for repeated uses. 


Atomizer is the original design. They are fairly smaller in capacity perfect for wax, concentrate and dry herb. The heating coil is located at the button and some atomizer contain a mesh screen.





Clearomizers are more modern design and most popular in the market. The design is usually a cylindrical shape with a clear plastic or glass showing the level of e-juice, and oil. Clearomizer uses a heating coil by the silica.




Cartomizer has a similar design as the atomizer and clearomizer. The Cartomizer has a poly-fill that is wrapped around the heating coil and allows more capacity of e-juice.




Atomizers For Dry Herb, Wax, and Oil

Most new users do not know the different type of atomizers for the desire uses. In general they all work the same as it heats up the ground material or wax.

Dry Herbs

Most atomizer for dry herb contain a larger volume tank to hold the ground material


Most atomizer for wax/concentrates contain a small capacity tank which will heat up all the product evenly (like the one below).


Most atomizer for oil contains a mesh screen to place the product on top as it heats up



Two Method To Smoke Dry Herbal Products

There are 2 different heating method to smoke your dry herbal products. Conduction and convection are the two ways, the most common type and inexpensive is the conduction technique where the dry herbal material makes direct contact with the heating element, providing fast vapor (like a pipe or bong hit for on the go). On the other hand, the conduction method is the most preferred by doctors as the ground material does not make direct contact with the heating element, but instead hot air heats up the product, there is no combustion occurring at all, eliminating toxic smoke.



The Conduction Vaporizer will heat up your herbs directly making contact. The vapor is produced really fast as the dry herb is in contact with the heating element. The conduction vaporizer is the biggest selection in the market comparing with the convection vaporizers. Most conduction pens are really economical. The conduction vaporizer is more for on the go smoking if you want to save papers and dry herbs. If you are looking for a few pipe hits these pens are perfect for you.


The dry herb in the convection vaporizer will not make contact with the heating element, but instead hot air in the oven heats and warms up the dry herb, producing clean vapor. Convection is the best way to vaporizer your dry herb. No combustion is occurring at all preventing it from releasing noxious smoke, but instead releases pure vapor. Most doctors recommend these type of vaporizers for medical marijuana. 



The coils are used in the atomizer, clearomizer, and cartomizer to heat up. Eventually the coils will die out and it will be time to replace the coils for a low cost. 

Maintenance/Cleaning The Atomizer.

How To Clean A Dry Herbal and Wax Atomizer / Clearomizer (Vaporizer)
If you own a herbal vaporizer it will eventually get dirty and its time to clean it, just like a pipe, and bong. This guide is mostly aiming for people that have any dry herbal or wax atomizer/clearomizer piece.

Why Should I Clean It.
As you use the vaporizer it will collect residue and clog up the filter, this will cause insufficient vapor. Just like a bong or pipe it has to be cleaned once in a while to provide clean and healthy vapor, this applies to the vaporizers as well.  

When Should I Clean It?
It is recommend that the atomizer, mouthpiece, and filter should be cleaned every 6-8 sessions or once every week.

How Do I Clean It?
You will need Isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing alcohol) or Acetone, a brush, dabber or scrapper, and a few q-tips. The first thing you want to do is soak the atomizer (Mouthpiece and filter) into the solution for about 5 minutes. After, use the brush to clean the atomizer coil and chamber (be as gentle so you don't damage the coil). Once it's clean, soak the chamber and coil in the acetone or alcohol once again, and then let it air dry. Do the same for the mouthpiece and filter. Use the Q-tips to dry the pieces.  

What Do I Need?
1 x Brush
1 x Dabber or scrapper
1 x Acetone or Rubbing Alcohol
5 x Q-Tips

Vaporizer Pen

Overall a vaporizer only contain 3 main pieces; the atomizer, coils, and battery.